Why We Love Dachshunds

Why We Love Dachshunds

My best friend and constant companion as a small child was a beautiful collie named Bruno.  Large breed dogs were a staple on the farm where I grew up. In addition to Bruno, our family menagerie of dogs included several golden retrievers and a very loyal chow-shepherd mix.  


My husband, Patrick, grew up in the suburbs with a black and tan dachshund named Henry Longfellow.  An entrepreneur at an early age, Patrick mowed most of the lawns in his neighborhood and of course Henry followed him everywhere.


It was no surprise after we bought our first house that we agreed a companion dog was in order.  No surprise either that we disagreed on what type of dog we should get. Dachshund, collie? Golden retriever, dachshund?  


As you may have guessed, dachshunds carried the day.  It was a perfect compromise to begin our married life… a small dog with a large personality.  Our first dachshund was a four-year-old rescue and we never looked back. 


Originating in Germany as a hunting dog, the name dachshund translates to “badger dog” and that’s exactly what they did, hunt badgers. Today in America they are more companion dog than hunting dog as they are loving, loyal and undoubtedly the best home alarm system money can buy.  


You could spend fewer than five minutes on the internet and find a multitude of reasons to own a dachshund but here’s the primary reason we love and own dachshunds… they make us laugh!


Dachshunds are comical in both their expressions and actions.  We always find humor and joy in being around them. That’s why we usually have at least two or three in our dachshund pack.  It just doubles and triples the fun.


My husband and I often joke, dachshunds are like eating potato chips, you can’t get enough!   If you’re thinking about a companion dog, I’d encourage you to think about a DACHSHUND and be ready to laugh out loud.

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